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I´ve been out of the trumpet world for a while.  I do miss playing and hanging out with the musicians.  I've gotten a chance to do a little bit of playing here.  I've played one gig with the philharmonic in town - but that's been about two years ago now.  This year, I got to play with Raúl Gutierrez (member of Buena Vista Social Club) and Irazú - a great Cuban salsa band.  I love this kind of music.  But, alas, I had to leave that too because it took too much of my time.  I did some recording with this band about 10 years ago.  I'm hoping to pick it up again soon.  We are about to get some musicians in the church that will take over and will free me up to just be the senior pastor.  That will be great.  I don't know how God will use my trumpet talent in the future.  Raúl has asked me to record the trumpet parts to one song on his new album.  Also, he has asked me to play in a latin jazz group with him.  We'll see how my time is for all of this.  At the moment it is not a priority.


I've got 7 trumpets:


Bach Bb Stradivarius – large bore with 72 bell – takes a lot of air but a great horn.

Bach C Stradivarius – medium large bore – Adlestein lead pipe

Schilke P54 Bb/A – Piccolo Trumpet (great horn)

Schilke Eb/D

Bach Bb Stradivarius Cornet w/shepherds crook

Yamaha YFL-631 Flugelhorn

Miraphone Flugel with rotary valves


Monday, March 19, 2018
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